Educate kids and adults alike with the must-have informational guides and resources in this collection of personalized safety tools. Whether your company is looking to promote fire safety, bicycle safety, emergency preparedness, or any safety-related theme, look no further than the wealth of helpful materials available here at Positive Promotions.

Fire departments and police departments can hand out our safety tools at community fairs and open houses. From fire safety and fire prevention to identify theft and crime prevention to sexual assault and domestic violence, there's no shortage of vital topics that could benefit from the shared information and helpful reminders this selection covers. For parents of school-aged children as well as college students, educators can supply material on Internet safety, safe driving, and more safety issues.

Some of the safety resources you'll find at Positive Promotions include our exclusive Pocket Pals that literally fit in a pocket or purse for at-a-glance reminders and information. There are also helpful glancers you can write emergency phone numbers on, innovative slideguides featuring two-sided cards packed with safety tips, and a variety of magnets in memorable shapes to get your message noticed. From children to seniors, all can benefit from our colorful bookmarks with designs and tips on front and back, many of which can be personalized with your company logo or slogan. Whatever safety tools you decide on, you'll find something appropriate to remind the community of your services and help them cope with emergencies and safety concerns.