From test taking to writing notes, there's always a need to have pencils close at hand. But when you have pencils featuring essential safety messages on them, you're fulfilling two needs at once! Stock up on the colorful safety pencils available here at Positive Promotions to have popular giveaways or student rewards at open houses, safety fairs, and school visits.

Depending on what safety event you are advertising, there's a wide selection of safety pencils to choose from, including fire safety, bike safety, anti-bullying, and cyberbulling. Children and adults can benefit from the valuable messages displayed on their pencils, and are sure to remember your fire department or law enforcement organization every time.

Specially designed and featuring soft erasers, our #2 standard pencils are great for taking tests or doing homework. You can also hand out trendy heat-sensitive pencils that change color when held in the hand, always a hit with kids! Get the safety pencils you need at a price that will keep your budget safe – only at Positive Promotions!