Promoting fire safety awareness is easy and affordable with the variety of products available here at Positive Promotions. One proven method of reaching members of the community and youngsters is by supplying fire safety pencils at your special events. Not only can pencils be used in schools for taking tests or everyday classwork, but also around the home or office—and when the pencil features important fire safety tips, it becomes a great reminder of your services!

We offer many different assortment packs that help get your safety message in the hands of kids and adults. Our most popular type of fire safety pencil is the color-changing heat-sensitive design. As kids hold these pencils in their hand, the color changes from dark to light, calling attention to the exclusive slogan and helpful reminders that everyone should know and learn. Handing pencils out at school visits or open houses is a terrific way to put fire safety tips at children's fingertips.

In addition, you'll find attention-getting sparkle foil pencils, patriotic pencils, and more wonderful choices for Fire Prevention Month events or as fire station giveaways. Whatever fire safety pencils you're looking for, you can trust you're come to the "write" place!