Choose From Stock or Custom Student Planners

Students' ability to organize themselves is a crucial part of their academic success. Through the development of improved time management and organizational skills, kids of all ages can stay on top of their assignments and become better students. To help foster these traits, Positive Promotions has added the Quality Planners line of stock and custom student planners to our extensive library of educational tools for school and education customers. This will further enhance the ongoing development of planners and more products that promote learning, support student progress, and inspire a positive school culture.

Written and designed by educators, these cost-effective student planners were created to meet the specific needs of students and teachers in all grade levels. From primary school and elementary to middle school, high school, and college, these comprehensive academic planners provide a visual reminder of upcoming events to help students avoid becoming overwhelmed by schoolwork and tests. They also help teachers educate their students more effectively and promote communication with parents.

All of these student academic planners are available in stock or custom options. Stock student planners let you choose a colorful cover and are the most budget-friendly choices for your school. With custom planners, you have the flexibility to not only include your school name on a title page to show through a cover window, but can add your own artwork, school logos, or colors to give the planners a more personal touch. Each planner also includes free resource pages that are age-appropriate for the grade level, from study tips, nutrition, and Common Core guidelines to motivational quotes, vocabulary words, and much more. In addition, you can add school-specific text pages or handbook pages to enhance the student experience and further personalize your academic planners.

Quality Planners' Primary School Planners present younger students in grades K to 2 with a terrific introduction to organizational skills and tracking children's progress as they take their first steps in the academic world. Elementary Student Planners for grades 3 to 5 focus on homework, spelling, and home to school communication, helping kids develop good work habits and have a more positive school experience. Through the use of custom academic planners early in life, students are more prepared as they get older and transition to new schools.

Middle School Planners will help build a foundation for students in grades 6 to 8 so they can stay organized as they adapt to attending multiple classes in different classrooms, taught by different styles of teachers. This level of student academic planner focuses on students' independence and how they are expected to master time management in order to succeed. Promoting successful study habits is a main topic of High School Student Planners, as older students learn to manage the level of research needed for schoolwork, plan for college and taking the SAT and ACT exams, and most importantly, stay on track and on time. Finally, College Student Planners, available in two different customization options, are compact in size and designed specifically for the hectic college class schedule, increased organizational needs, and necessary preparation for post-academic life.