Volunteer Appreciation Decorations

Volunteer appreciation decorations
from Positive Promotions

National Volunteer Week, April 19-25, 2020

Make events and volunteer workspaces fun and festive with appreciation-themed displays from Positive Promotions. Shop our wide range of volunteer appreciation decorations, including custom balloons, banners, goody bags, and more products that praise those who help. For events, let everyone know it’s time to honor your special volunteers—decorate a common area in the facility with items from our Celebration Packs. Tie balloons to the backs of chairs, distribute buttons to event attendees, set a bowl of treats at each table, and stream background music!

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Volunteer appreciation decorations can make a lasting impression with both existing volunteers plus new and potential recruits. They're a natural way to promote your mission and goals in a budget-friendly way at any event, fundraiser, or celebration.

We can help you create an exciting atmosphere at your National Volunteer Week event with posters, balloons, plus full-color table covers and tabletop displays. Our custom tents have you covered at appreciation, recruitment, and fundraising events. Set up indoors or out, they give your volunteer programs maximum visibility.

Positive Promotions offers high-quality volunteer appreciation decorations and a huge assortment of activity ideas and gifts to help you honor your volunteers for the wonderful job they do. Encourage everyone in your facility to join in the celebration!