Back To School Sweet Treats

Back to school sweet treats

Get a sweet start to the new school year! Our exclusive treat packs provide you a full menu of products to show appreciation to your staff as welcome them back with gifts of good taste. From assorted chocolates to popular candies to whimsical surprises, each back to school sweet treat comes with a message designed to inspire positive thoughts and thank teachers for everything they do for your school and your students.

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Teachers & Staff Survival Kit
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Discover sweet ways to appreciate your teachers and staff with exclusive treat packs from Positive Promotions! Enjoy a flavorful variety of packs featuring popular mini chocolates, refreshing candies, and more goodies, paired with a keepsake card that shows your appreciation and welcomes them back for a new school year. The packs arrive polybagged to make it even easier for you to hand them out to the amazing educators in your school.

We also offer delicious pairings of back to school treats with reusable drinkware such as stainless steel tumblers and Mason jars. The motivational slogans are sure to inspire your teachers, while the snacks inside are great for a quick pick-me-up or even for sharing. However you choose to sweeten up their day, cooking up a memorable gift for welcoming them back to school is easy with this sensational selection of sweet treats!