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Trade show table covers
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Decorate your booth in style with custom trade show table covers and table runners from Positive Promotions. No matter what the event, it's essential to not only ensure customers and clients can easily notice you, but also to provide a cohesive personalized display that sets you apart from the competition. Let our colorful selection of custom table covers provide the perfect fit for your next event!

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Personalization Available
ITEM OS-5234
Available in 10 colors
SALE! $60.00 - 96.00 OS-5234 Pricing
$67.00 - 107.00
5 Stars
Available in 12 colors
SALE! $90.00 - 129.00 OS-5235 Pricing
$101.00 - 144.00
Available in 14 colors
SALE! $259.00 - 379.00 OSA5926 Pricing
$288.00 - 421.00
Personalization Available
Available in 15 colors
$131.00 - 182.00 OSW1859 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 17 colors
$155.00 - 205.00 OSW1860 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 17 colors
$165.00 - 225.00 OSW1861 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 16 colors
$169.00 - 219.00 OSA9650 Pricing
Available in 15 colors
$183.00 - 204.00 OSW7003 Pricing
Available in 0 colors
$198.00 - 282.00 OSW7004 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 13 colors
$160.00 - 242.00 OSW6223 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 13 colors
$91.00 - 131.00 OSW6281 Pricing
Available in 0 colors
$124.00 - 169.00 OSW6282 Pricing
Available in 1 colors
$110.00 - 155.00 OSW6804 Pricing
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High-Quality Personalized Trade Show Table Covers

Browse Positive Promotions for high-quality trade show table covers, decorations, and promotional handouts, designed to help get you noticed and attract customers. We offer multiple sizes of high-quality, cost-effective trade show table covers and runners, all featuring full-color personalization that makes a lasting impression on visitors and prospects. Our wide selection will help increase brand awareness and draw attention to your products and your message.

Custom decorations, like our 8-foot flat table covers, come in a wide variety of vivid colors and designs to best match up with your organization’s unique look. Simply upload your personalized logo and text, preview the design, and let us do the hard part. Soon you’ll be catching the eye of clients and building the relationships that are essential for a thriving business.

Since 1947, Positive Promotions has been supporting businesses, charities, schools, and other organizations with affordable, high-quality promotional decorations and other products. So when it comes time to set up your booth, trust us for all your custom table covers and decorations. We’ll showcase your organization and expand your reach. Check out our selection today!