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Show off your brand in style with our vivid collection of custom tie-dye t-shirts! Totally unique and available in a wide variety of cool colors, no two custom t shirts are completely alike after the dying process. They're perfect for anything from school events and company outings to family reunions and outfitting sports teams or fundraising walk participants. Shop for the color that best matches your brand, add your logo or message, and these customized tie-dye design t-shirts will be ready to rock!

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Available in 9 colors
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Personalization Available
Available in 20 colors
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Available in 12 colors
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Available in 12 colors
$10.95 - 12.95 SHP-765 Pricing
Available in 9 colors
$9.49 - 13.99 PSH-2 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 18 colors
$8.99 - 15.99 SHP3679 Pricing
Personalization Available
Available in 9 colors
$7.49 - 11.99 SHP4105 Pricing
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Personalization Available
Available in 0 colors
$9.99 - 15.99 PSH1186 Pricing
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Keep your marketing programs in the groove with custom tie-dye t-shirts from Positive Promotions! Hand-dyed with superior colorfast dyes, they're made from pre-shrunk 100% heavyweight cotton to hold the color beautifully. Have your custom artwork or message silkscreened on either the full front of the shirt or the left chest. Great for parties, school giveaways, or team building events, our custom tie-dye shirts will keep your campaigns right on track, featuring special pricing when you order in bulk.

Traditional methods of tie-dying are said to have started in India, Japan, and Africa during the sixth century. In America, the hippie movement of the 1960s helped make tie-dyed clothing extremely popular, using the design as a means to express their free-spirited nature and rebel against the stricter social customs of the 1950s. After popular entertainers and fashion designers began wearing and utilizing tie-dye designs, an entire generation of youths followed suit, creating a style that's popular with all ages of t-shirt wearers today.