Custom Fleece Vests

Custom fleece vests
from Positive Promotions

Fashionable fleece vests featuring your personalized corporate logo look great everywhere, whether they're worn in the company warehouse or used by workout warriors and runners. Most of our custom fleece vests feature premium embroidery decoration, giving your recipients a combination of quality craftsmanship and superior style. Designed to give your brand a lift, our custom apparel is second to none!

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Available in 2 colors
$32.99 - 55.99 AOS-497 Pricing
Available in 3 colors
$33.99 - 60.99 OSA9476 Pricing
Available in 8 colors
$16.49 - 30.99 OSA9228 Pricing
Available in 3 colors
$18.99 - 32.99 AOS-843 Pricing
Available in 5 colors
$18.99 - 32.99 AOS-844 Pricing
Available in 4 colors
$33.99 - 60.99 OSA9477 Pricing
Available in 2 colors
$79.99 - 129.99 AOS-242 Pricing
Available in 2 colors
$79.99 - 129.99 AOS-252 Pricing
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Looking for the hottest promotional apparel to boost your brand without burning your budget? Custom fleece vests are always in fashion! Paired with long sleeve customized t-shirts or sweaters, they'll give employees and staff members a virtual ensemble to choose from when representing your company. From the boardroom to the ball field, our vests lend a professional and unified look to your entire team.

Styled for extra-comfortable fits in a range of men's and women's sizes, these full-zip customized fleece vests allow for flexibility and casual cool at the same time. And with the special anti-pill microfleece fabric, you can rest assured your brand will always look its best. Get a grip on your marketing plans—check out the assortment of custom fleece vests from Positive Promotions today!