Sweater Vests

Add style and warmth to any occasion with personalized sweater vests from Positive Promotions! These trendy and casual business wear vests have become a new choice for corporate uniforms. Your employees and executives can pair them with slacks or jeans, accented with a sports jacket or blazer. From trade shows and business gatherings to a night out in late Spring or Fall, sweater vests make a perfect fit!

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Available in 6 colors
$15.49 - 28.99 AOS-339 Pricing
Available in 6 colors
$15.49 - 28.99 AOS-340 Pricing
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The sweater vest has a long and storied history in the world of fashion and apparel. First seen in the late 19th century when rowers wore these sleeveless accessories to encourage weight loss by sweating, sweater vests became more popular when seen being worn in public by historical figures such as President Woodrow Wilson, President Herbert Hoover, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

All the rage in the United Kingdom during the 1970s, sweater vests made a comeback in the 1980s here in the US thanks in part to their appearance in movies and television. Today, they're trendy again, worn in business casual settings, at informal gatherings, or as personalized apparel to dress up your staff during trade shows and conferences. Perfect for nearly any season, our mens sweater vests can be used as athletic wear for cricketers, golfers, and sports team coaches. Mainly available in pullover V-neck styles, custom sweater vests from Positive Promotions make an impression wherever they're seen.