Black History Month Essentials

Black History Month essentials from Positive Promotions make it easy and cost-effective to add excitement to your school, organization, or community activities. Browse our selection of buttons, stickers, and more, all designed to familiarize children and members of your congregation with the origins and meaning of Black History Month as well as key events and individuals in African-American history.

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It’s never too early to start planning for Black History Month. We can help you be prepared for all your activities and events with these popular Black History Month essentials, ready to share with everyone to celebrate throughout your school or facility. Choose from a budget-friendly assortment of buttons, stickers, lollipops, and more promotional products designed with inspiring and encouraging messages.

For more great ideas, look for resources like our Idea Guide or enter for a chance to win special prizes when we hold our Black History Month Contest. No matter what products you're looking for, we look forward to helping provide you with all the Black History Month essentials you need to achieve an outstanding event.