College Readiness Bracelets

College readiness bracelets

Our more than 70 years of industry experience, combined with years of collaboration with educators and college counselors, has led Positive Promotions to be one of the largest suppliers of college readiness bracelets and educational tools around. We have a strong track record of providing incentives and resources designed to help you motivate students to reach their goals of graduating and going on to attend college.

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Fight the dropout rate at your educational facility with college readiness bracelets and budget-friendly incentives that help enhance your school culture and keep a college-bound message close at hand! Students of all ages especially love our silicone bracelets, featuring printed slogans both inside and out that inspire them to keep reaching for their goals.

Boost pride and spirit by placing your school name on a wide variety of imprintable college readiness bracelets and our many other tools and gifts, from notebooks and pens to tech products and custom apparel. All of our college readiness products are priced to meet your school budget, so you can order with confidence. Check out our essential product selection today!