File Of Life Magnet

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File Of Life Magnet


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  • Help rescue workers quickly find important medical information when every second counts!
  • The plastic holder has a built-in magnet so it can be placed on the refrigerator and seen at once
  • The tri-fold file has space to fill in medical condition, medication, insurance information, emergency contacts, and more

Product Specifications

Holder: 5 1/8" X 4 1/4", File Size: 5" X 9 3/8"

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5 Stars (12)

5 Stars

Great Idea/Potential Life Saver

This is the smartest thing that a couple, single individual or even a family could do. In the case of an Emergency, no one has to know where all potential life saving information is in one location-OH THE REFRIGERATOR-medications, allergies, who to notify, next of kin, insurance information. GREAT IDEA,POTENTIAL LIFE SAVER

1 Star

File of Life Magnet

i like everything about having this except the price. The item was $1.79 and the shipping was $13+ dollars! I also learned after I placed my order that they are given away "free" at our local fire station. Live and learn:(

5 Stars

Great asset to any home

Great size, easy to fill out and a wonderful PR tool!

5 Stars

Great thing to give out to people!

Bought these topics give to the members of our fire department and they are hit i will ordering more in the futur!

5 Stars

good promtional item

we are able to give the File of Life to our coverage area Patents and gives us a central place to look for information. we will even help them fill it out if they want.

5 Stars

Great Community Handout

Our volunteer ambulance squad uses these as hand outs at community events. Our Senior organizations find them helpful and also very helpful to our ambulance crew when they respond to a call.

5 Stars

Great Product for Senior Communities!

We use these daily at our Country Club. Our Neighborhood Watch coordinator loves them!

5 Stars

Love EMT/?Firefighter APPROVED

As an EMT/Firefighter I made sure every residents had these and helped seniors fill them out and update after every trip to hospital I took them on. It is an awesome tool for EMS providers to take an active role in helping and making sure they stay updating educating family members of updating it add your phone numbers so they can call and get new one to update. Worth the investment as it saves time which we all know "The Golden Hour" is sometimes golden minutes or seconds when it comes to some EMS Community calls.

5 Stars

Recieved what I ordered

Recieved what I ordered at a fair price

4 Stars


I am very disappointed that the "FILE OF LIFE" door sticker and the Wallet information folder is no longer included. These items are missed, I expected better service from your company.

5 Stars

excellent item

I picked one of these up at a health fair, filled it out for my dad, when my brother took him to the hospital or dr he had all of his information available so dr knew dads situation, very helpful.

4 Stars

Excellent Service

We purchased this item as a give-a-way for EMS Week. It will be distributed to our Senior Citizens in town. The service received was excellent. Item received on time. Item was as anticipated. I only wish that the item contained an extra sheet so people can update their medications as needed.