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Librarian t-shirts
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Commemorate National Library Week and Librarian Appreciation Day at your school or public library by offering our reading awards to those who attend your programs. Be sure to also recognize librarians for all they do. At Positive Promotions, you'll find librarian t-shirts that make perfect thank you gifts. We also have everything else you need to acknowledge the dedicated staff and volunteers who make your library a great place to visit.

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We carry bookmarks, desk accessories and stationery items you can share with librarians for use on or off the job. You can also create your own librarian t-shirts by adding your library's name to one of our classic t-shirts, or browse our collection of apparel imprinted with our custom reading and recognition-related themes.

There are plenty of librarian t-shirts on our website to help you express to librarians that they are cherished, as well as incentives that remind children and adults about all that your library has to offer. Don’t forget to stock up on our fun giveaways featuring inspiring themes kids who visit your library and attend programs will love.

Positive Promotions is a one-stop shop for your promotional needs, and if you are in the market for something special, we have specialists on hand who will find it for you.