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Red ribbon week backpacks
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With Red Ribbon Week backpacks from Positive Promotions, students will carry your anti-drug and anti-bullying messages wherever they go! A great way to reward good character and positive behavior, our colorful awareness backpacks and personalized student backpacks feature exclusive designs that help you celebrate drug and bully prevention events in October or all year long, inspiring kids to make positive choices at school and at home.

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In today's school environments, keeping the student body aware of the importance of drug prevention and bully prevention can often be a difficult task. We'll make it a little easier on your organization with our collection of Red Ribbon Week backpacks. Lightweight and durable, these student backpacks are perfect for carrying books and school supplies around campus as well as to and from your building. They also feature attention-getting anti-drug and anti-bully messages that are sure to resonate with kids and adults alike!

Many of our Red Ribbon backpacks can be personalized with your school name, logo, or mascot, or can be used to promote your drug and bully prevention program. With a selection that covers nearly every size, shape, and color, they can shoulder the load as well as showcase your Red Ribbon Week message. Terrific incentives for kids to act their best, these budget-friendly backpacks make great rewards or giveaways, and will be used every day by proud students as an example of your great work in helping them to be positive role models.