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National Volunteer Week, April 19-25, 2020

Who doesn't love apparel and t-shirts? They make cozy recognition gifts for your volunteers that are budget-friendly, comfortable, and always in fashion. Our volunteer appreciation apparel gifts come in a wide assortment of fabrics, styles, and colors for men, women, and youths, so you're guaranteed to find the right combination for your volunteer program or to celebrate National Volunteer Week. From t-shirts and smocks to apron vests and polos, add a custom imprint and your gift becomes a marketing tool for your business!

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A bright idea for expressing to volunteers how much you appreciate their dedication and generosity is to present them with volunteer appreciation apparel. Positive Promotions is a premier source for promotional apparel such as t-shirts, vests, and polo shirts, all featuring colorful and exclusive recognition themes or your custom imprint.

Our volunteer apparel items make great gear for company fundraising runs or walks and other events. Increase awareness for your cause by handing out apron vests or smocks to employees who show support by donating their time or money. Volunteers can use t-shirts at health fairs and seminars to get the word out about healthy lifestyles.

Whenever you make plans for your volunteer program, either during National Volunteer Week in April or any day of the year, count on Positive Promotions. We're in the business of celebrating those who give their time and energy to a variety of causes, making sure every moment makes a difference. Trust us to help you acknowledge their special work in an unforgettable fashion with premium apparel and volunteer t-shirts.