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Crime prevention pens
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Whether you're a police department, sheriff's office, or any organization, it's important to always promote anti-crime awareness at all times. With practical promotions such as crime prevention pens, your community and employees are sure to have your messages in hand. Check out our selection today and discover ballpoints, stylus pens, heat-sensitive pencils, and fun accessories for kids and adults to enjoy.

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Ensure your Crime Prevention Month events are stocked with the "write" promotional products—check out the selection of crime prevention pens and pencils from Positive Promotions. Writing instruments make great little extras for giving out at open houses and community outreach fairs, especially when customized with your department name or logo. Plus, they make essential office supplies for employees, staff, and visitors to use in your station house or facility.

We offer a wide variety of crime prevention pens for you to choose from, including standard ballpoints and multifunctional stylus pens to help navigate touchscreen devices. If you are visiting a school or camp, take along a bundle of heat-sensitive pencils featuring a special anti-crime or safety message. Kids love that the colors change with the warmth of their hands—and parents as well as educators will appreciate children having something to write with if you also give out educational activities books. As a special touch, bring along fun accessories like police car-shaped mood erasers or our decorative pencil toppers in assorted law enforcement shapes.