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Crime prevention t-shirts
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Outfit your officers and show appreciation for their dedication in a unique way with crime prevention t-shirts from Positive Promotions. Hold an event during Crime Prevention Month in October with t-shirts and other apparel as raffle prizes and giveaways. Or, have customized t-shirts featuring your department's name and logo to hand out to new recruits and transfers joining your team. We also offer t-shirts for both adults and youths in your community and schools that stress crime prevention messages such as anti-bullying and safe driving.

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Customized apparel is the perfect way to show off your department pride, and crime prevention t-shirts make a comfortable choice any day of the year. Here at Positive Promotions, you'll find a distinctive selection of apparel that can be used for appreciation gifts, recognition awards for Crime Prevention Month, or staff uniforms.

We offer t-shirts in both short sleeve and long sleeve styles, including customized options to which you can add your department name or logo. You can also add a safety message to sell the t-shirts at fundraisers or give them as prizes during community outreach events. Don't miss our special Law Enforcement For A Cure t-shirts, the perfect combination of awareness and appreciation.

In addition to crime prevention t-shirts, you'll find customizable baseball hats, hooded sweatshirts, and more apparel gifts for your law enforcement officers. Used for casual wear for training exercises, attending community events, or showing pride in their jobs when off duty, your staff will love showing off their new crime prevention t-shirts and apparel.